The Network for
Physical Asset Tokenization

Welcome to the network that makes tokenization of physical assets safe and scalable. DESAT is expanding to provide decentralized storage infrastructure for businesses globally.


DESAT tokenized assets have guaranteed redemption, regardless of location or jurisdiction, providing token holders confidence that they have sole access to underlying physical asset.


Storing and managing your assets on DESAT comes at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional storage. Over time, the network will ensure that expenses trend close to zero, maximizing your returns.


Tokenization establishes undeniable proof of ownership. The process creates code on a blockchain, that acts as a public ledger to record vital information such as asset attributes, history, and ownership. It is an unalterable proof of provenance.


Individuals and business will unlock boundless opportunities via the tokenization of physical assets. The DESAT network offers innovative solutions such as enhanced transparency, rapid transactions, liquidity, and the ability to fractionalize ownership.

Building the infrastructure for a tokenized economy

Owned by its members and powered by the Ethereum blockchain, the network empowers depositors to store, manage, and trade assets seamlessly across borders. DESAT's vision is to drive the mass adoption of blockchain technology by tokenizing physical assets.

DESAT Ecosystem
DESAT Foundation

The DESAT network operates under the governance of the DESAT Foundation. There are no private shares or centralized ownership. The DESAT Foundation coordinates the expansion and development of the network, ensuring its decentralized and community-driven nature.


The DESAT network thrives on the active participation of its members. These dedicated organizations provide the storage infrastructure that powers the network. By digitizing physical assets, members enable secure ownership and facilitate the benefits of digital tokens within the DESAT ecosystem.


Depositors, ranging from individuals to businesses, entrust their assets to the custody of our members. The DESAT network prioritizes the legal protection of depositors' ownership rights. Through a robust framework, DESAT ensure that assets stored with members remain safeguarded and their ownership rights are upheld.

how it works
Network formation

The DESAT network operates on a proof-of-stake blockchain model, similar to Ethereum. Unlike networks executed by servers and storing digital data, the DESAT network consists of physical storage facilities that execute logistic flows and house real-world assets. As an open network, it is collectively owned by the storage and infrastructure providers who form its foundation.

Storage and digitization of assets

A core aspect of the DESAT network is to prevent the creation of multiple titles for the same physical asset. Ownership of an asset cannot be duplicated and must be clearly attributed to a specific individual or entity. To mitigate the risk of multiple titles, the asset undergoes a digitization process. This involves transferring the asset from the physical possession and control of an individual or entity to the DESAT network, effectively placing it in a state of "stasis."

Redemption of assets

The primary responsibility of the DESAT network is to ensure the physical asset remains isolated from real-world transactions. When called upon, the network facilitates the redemption of the physical asset by the title holder in exchange for the corresponding DESAT token associated with the asset. The redemption process involves the de-digitization of the token, leading to its destruction, and allows the token holder to retrieve the physical asset from storage.

DESAT Ecosystem

The pioneering depositor on the DESAT network, is transforming the landscape of storing, managing, and trading collectible assets.

Their groundbreaking approach involves creating collections of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) backed by physical assets, thereby enabling fractionalized ownership of larger portfolios. In May 2023, they launched their inaugural collection of fine wines, marking a significant milestone in their journey. Savea's innovative vision aligns perfectly with the capabilities of DESAT, showcasing the potential for redefining the collectible asset market.

Discover Savea

The Rollout

The rollout plan is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless transition, empowering you to embrace the benefits of secure ownership, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable growth.

Phase 1

Closed Network

Limited depositors

Supported by DESAT Foundation

Phase 2

Closed Network

Limited depositors

Introduction of network native token and economic model

Phase 3

Open Network

Open globally to new Members